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Try more or simply let go... 20/05/20 9:08pm

Have you ever tried to help some one you love with the issues they're facing?

They tell you they want the help but they keep avoiding it. Avoid you with everything they have.

Why? What is it you have done wrong?

You see their posts on facebook about being alone and depressed.

Feeling unloved, lost and scared. Wanting to give up.

Just like you, those demons parading in your head mocking you.

He hears them too but his he cant seem to get a quiet moment.

Making the wrong choices constantly, seeing him break and battle.

The mental scars, battered and bruised. A scared kid on his knees, broken.

Where does he go, what does he do, who does he turn to?

I'm trying so hard to help why wont he wake up to himself before I have to see him but wont wake up.

Before its too late.

The image of him, face busted and bloody. Staring at me wanting the help he needs but is "too proud" to accept it.

His mother abandoned him, his father too.

His pop hit him and threatened him, ex girlfriends use him to get to other boys.

Its no wonder he feels alone.

Stealing, fighting, getting arrested. Yelling at carers and ignoring the ones he loves

I've tried tough love, threatening to abandon him, picking him up at every point he has asked me to and when he has needed.

I've made appointments, offered classes, a job even and he still agrees but in the end he will only let me down again.

Just another let down, just another heartache. Another stress, another worry and another night the tears have run down my face like rivers as my heart breaks a little more...

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