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To the asshole who abandoned me too... 28/05/17

Well its official now, he's said those words... Kayla Fell

I have no father, he died tonight.

There's nothing left but an empty bitter hole

Left for my tears to fill

Taking 1 step forward 10 steps back

Everyday is a struggle with the demons in my head

One father left years ago, the other only hours

I'm caught between a rock and a hard place

When will the pain and suffering end?

It doesn't leave when I sleep and it won't end when I wake

I'm exhausted and lost, dazed and confused

What did I do?

Who do I turn to?

The kids will be separated, Tanner rebelling

Absolutely helpless, what can i do?

Take them on and lose the love of my life?

Let them go and lose them for good?

Both options as shit as the other,

Fuck i hate their mother!

My eyes now burning, hands are shaking,

My body trembling and my voice is horse

Filled with this rage I can't contain

I supported you and did nothing but help!

You let me down and left but i gave you another chance

You let me down again but this time said im not your daughter

The man i looked up to and loved gone in an instant

Over taken with his own demons, i pray mine wont do the same...

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