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The Boyfriend... 11:46am 27/06/20

I don't know how this happened or how it got this way

I never thought I would ever see this day

He makes me happy and has let down these walls of mine

How the hell did he manage to do this in record time?

I never wanted to fall for another

Especially a best friends brother

I don't have doubts when I'm with him or worry about cheating

Somehow he has scooped up my heart stopped it from bleeding.

I don't want to leave his side or the comfort of his arms

How the hell did I let myself fall for his charms?

He makes me feel like it's ok to still be hurting but moving on is key

Like one day the demons will simply just let me be

He understands my pain and all my hurt that I'm feeling

He's told me all he wants to do is help me start healing

The downfalls in both of us are huge I won't lie about it

But honestly together we help each other so it doesn't bother me one bit

No poems have ever been written by me whilst happy and hopeful

Even though hope has proved to be nothing but dreadful

I don't know how he does it but as broken as we both are we make a whole

The pieces of him fit with all of mine and completes one happy soul.

I don't know how this happened and I don't know why it all feels different

I don't know how he's made me feel something other than pain, that I did not consent.

I never wanted a relationship, Ava broke me into pieces and shattered my heart

Shut me out and tore my entire world apart

Forced me to embrace my demons and give into them destroying myself

Indulging in meaningless sex, drugs and drinking into oblivion. destroying my health

Somehow in this stupid darkness and never ending taunting laughter

I find myself hoping this will be my happily ever after...

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