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Still cant get her out my head... 21/04/20

Woke from a dream of you once again this morning,

After 6 months the pain is still there.

Cant get used to you never calling.

I just want you to show me you still care.

They tell me shes just a band-aid to you

I dont know if i believe it yet

I hate the thought of us being through.

How much further apart can we get?

I miss the way you were always there when i needed

You were a only a message or phone call away

You were my person, the only one i confided

I miss having contact with you, and think of you everyday.

Not only did i lose the love of my life

I lost my best friend.

I wanted to make you my wife.

You were my ride or die till the end.

Every time i think im ok and im getting over you, your back

Rolling in my head all the memories return

Starting with more drugs and smoking crack

It still hurts me and I don't know how to treat this burn.

Meaningless sex and tinder dates

Losing you almost killed me

Me fucking everything up seems to have sealed our fates

I cant move on because you still hold the key.

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