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Songs are triggers... 17/09/2020 10:53pm

Have you ever hear a song that could change your entire mood?

Starting the day you felt ok until you heard that one song, that one artists voice, their feelings in the moment they wrote that song.

Knowing they felt the same way you did at some point is both comforting and upsetting at the same time.

For a moment in time your mind embraces the words as they float into your ears and sink into your brain.

Closing your eyes you relish in the familiar sound, breathing deeply losing yourself into the melody of the music and soon over come with emotions of a memory stored inside your mind some how triggered by their words.

Everything you couldn't say or at least didn't know how to put those feelings into words.

They said it all for you, every detail, every thought, every emotion there on a silver platter.

Waves of slight relief wash over you as you lay on the grass with headphones on blasting the song that once made you feel a certain way has once again had the same affect.

The memories over come you, the memories of better days, the memories of the days you spent cuddling up watching movies, the nights you stayed up just talking about the future.

Every memory, every fight, every moment of happiness, of bliss, comfort and peace.

Flooding into your mind like a tsunami filling you up until the salty tears run down your cheeks as your eyes slowly open staring at the sky through blurred vision at the clouds.

The slow realization comes to you as that soft melody and too accurate lyrics that made you cry because you missed your girlfriend has now turned to simply missing your best friend and there is nothing you can do about it.

The fights you had about the little things that never mattered, that you laughed at once you know how stupid it was.

Hanging out watching those movies in the cold with your best friend when you needed someone to simply be with you in the moments of darkness.

Staying up all night talking about the future, the hopes and dreams that we had, no matter how far fetched they seemed a best friend never judges.

As the words come to a soft end and your left with the silence filling your ears and tears falling from your eyes all you want is to drift away, drift into sleep, the depths of the ever so perfect world you create in your head.

The one that had your best friend and partner in crime.

The one where you were never alone even when your were physically, the one where all it took was a call...

Heart aching, finally you begin drifting, escaping.

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