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Scaring the shit out of me! 12:22pm 27/06/20

I don't know how he knocked down these walls I've built up so quickly but I'm not hating it. He knows so much and is still here. I relate to him. We help each other. No one has ever made me feel this way so quickly. I don't know how he did it but the first time I saw him I knew i needed him in my life. (cliché right?) I knew he was broken but I was too. Nothing I can say right now can describe how I'm feeling but I'm doing my best. How can two broken souls find each other and just click the way we do. He's amazing and i honestly never thought i would fall for anyone ever again. But he did it. He makes me smile, laugh and calms me when im mad. He helps me see the light, holds my hand at night and constantly kisses my cheek and forehead. He wants to provide for me, he want me to be happy, he sees the pain behind the mask. He sees the anger and sadness. He can tell when something is wrong and makes me talk, he stops everything he's doing if I need him. He's broken me down and removed the mask within a week and quite honestly it scares the absolute shit out of me! Once the mask is off with someone what is there left?

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