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Return of the evil... 20/03/2021 11:50am

Losing everything is enough to make the darkness resurface

Peering around the corner with the snarky grin on its face

The wretched evil sound all too familiar leaving its lips

Boney deformed hands embracing you and tightening their grips

Lowering your head in shame closing your eyes as a tear escapes and falls

Heart sinking in your chest silencing your phone and ignoring all the calls

Breath shaking as you exhale

Pain in your chest like you have been impaled

The demented figure that was at arms length is now surrounding

Taking you and wrapping you up whispering in your ear, every heart beat now pounding

Its taking over telling you to push it away but its intoxicating

The feeling of the darkness washing over you, its comforting

Taking a deep breath in and raising you head eyes opening slowly as a fire flickers within

Tears stopping, the pain stops, its taken over, numbness.

The darkness is in, there's nothing more of you left.

It screams, let the fun begin!

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