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Regrets... 11:49pm 20/02/19

I know I've screwed up, and im trying everything to fix it

She never communicates with me, not even a little bit

I'm lost in the dark about everything she tells me

Her story and mood changes so quickly its hard for me to see,

Says one thing and then does another, i dont even know if i should bother

I know i broke her trust and i need to work my ass off to get it back

I shouldve been a better partner and not been so slack

My head is spinning round, im dizzy, im lost.

My heart is aching, ive lost my love ad at what cost?

A stupid lack of judgment and messages i regret

I've lost her so quickly, all her love and respect

I've lost the one person ive ever loved and myself too

Threw everything away for a quick minute or two

Everything i had came crashing down around me for voicing a stupid temptation

For this im in eternal damnation.

I never ever intended to act upon this moment of lust

I felt ignored and rejected so i tried to fill the void and lost all of her trust.

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