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Pissed off and hurt... 8:36pm 27/04/20

Am I weird for not getting rid of the photos and our past?

The photos, gifts, the memories I thought would last

They're all in a box packed away but I've kept it all

Her mum is dropping off a bag of stuff, she couldn't even call.

I have always wondered how people can erase others so easily

I still don't get how I meant that much and then so little

No contact, no checking in, nothing

I get it to a certain degree but really 4 years then not a damn thing? I understand moving on, clearing out and starting new

I mean that's what happens when someone says we're through

What do I do if I open it and it is our past, everything we had together?

Think this is going to make me feel worse I know it, will it ever get better?

Why does it hurt me so much and doesn't affect her?

Feel like this time apart has gone so slow its all a blur...

This pain is relentless, seems to be never ending and comes in waves

I kinda wanna run away from it all and hide in a cave.

Good thing we're in isolation and have no licence to get anywhere

F**k I just wished she cared!

I honestly don't know if I can take this s**t any longer,

Cant deal with this by myself, she made me stronger...

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