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Ava (2)… 11:31pm 26/02/19

I'm sick of writting her messages and not sending them

Maybe I should, but im scared she will reject them.

Scared I'll put ideas in her head or push her further away

I'm trying eberything and so hard to make her stay

I know im not good enough for her and i know i dont deserve her

How the fuck could i let this happen?

Why oh why did i let this occur?

Should've made her sit and communicate long before all of this

All my wrong doings and shit ive done, i could make a hell of a list

But I'm trying to fix them all and make her fall for me all over again.

Why didn't I try harder to keep the romance alive like before we began

I want her and only her for the rest of my life.

All i ever wanted was to make her my wife.

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